About Us

AMORE Beautiful World
Introducing Ryukando, which is located at the center of global cosmetic trends.

Since 2016, we have been driving changes in the domestic fashion market by introducing famous overseas brands to Japan. Our company's mission is "We Will Make AMORE Beautiful World."

By expanding our business into the health and beauty fields, we have grown into a company in the field of beautiful lifestyles. We aim to create a future where everyone can discover their own beauty and enjoy the life they can achieve.

Company Introduction
Currently, Ryukando is leading the globalization of domestic brands through its own competitive brands. With our long-term vision, business expertise, and continuous investment for the future, we will create a better tomorrow. We will do our best to support Ryukando so that our customers can dream of a more beautiful life.

Ryukando is committed to making your life healthier and more beautiful in the field of health and beauty. We will continue to change, pursue innovation that exceeds expectations, continue to take on challenges to make our customers' lives more beautiful and richer, and continue to create higher value.

In addition to introducing various overseas brands into Japan, we will promote business expansion in the Asian market through our own health brands.

In addition to introducing global premium brands in Japan, we will cultivate our own beauty brands as global brands and open up new horizons for the Japanese beauty industry.

Okumura, a pharmacist with 50 years of know-how, simplifies complicated documents for cosmetic and food "sanitary permits," and we can obtain permits in as little as two weeks.